Small Friends: Whimsical Creatures

The Small Friends are the whimsical creatures who began to visit my studio in 2007. They agreed to sit for portraits and tell their stories. These creatures are both friends and little laboratories of design. 

I have met amphibians, bats, birds and cats (on separate pages), camels, crabs, bunnies, dragons, ducks, flamingos, frogs, elephants, fish, geckos, giraffes, hedgehogs, hippos, horses, kangaroo, lllamas (have their own book), lobsters, moles, moose, musk ox, otters, pandas, pangolin, parrots, penguins, pheasants, pigs, reindeer, roosters, seals, sheep, squirrels, trilobites, and zebras.

All of this work has been sponsored by the Small Friends’ Research Institute, and I am grateful for its support.

Pricing and shipping

Original portraits are made on archival paper or aluminum board with watercolor paint. Sometimes I use acrylic mediums (Golden Glass Bead Gel being my favorite). Originals are double-matted. Prints are on archival paper, with archival ink and single-matted with archival mats. Shipping for 11×14 matted prints is $5.95. Shipping for larger prints and framed pieces is at the actual cost.

7 Hippos Marching
7 Hippos Marching Original  $225 at ETSY and as a print $60 at ETSY
Pinky the Beaded Pig
Pinky the Beaded Pig Print $30 at ETSY
Mary Anna Musk Ox Creatures
MaryAnna Musk Ox ($30 print at ETSY)