Four Whimsical Wildlife Books:
The Small Friends’ Chronicles, Meet the LLLamas, Backyard Roosters & Max’s Cats

Whimsical wildlife books, Max the Cat, Model, Muse & Snacks Manager
Max the Cat, Model, Muse & Snacks Manager

I am a Whimsical Wildlife Documentarian. Wonderful creatures have trusted me to paint their portraits and record their adventures in Whimsical Wildlife Books and blog posts.

Finding a starring role in print or in blog post is the the favorite goal of most of the creatures who visit my studio. Fortunately, I live on a path and flyway frequented by a friendly creatures who stop by to sit for portraits, tell their stories, and eat my snacks. I wish that I knew the favorite snacks of lions, lobsters, and llamas, but I don’t need to because Max-the-Cat (Model, Muse and Snacks Manager) takes care of everything. He is a terrific host.

I never know who will be waiting for me in the morning. They’ve had breakfast, but I have to make coffee.

The books:

The Small Friends’ Chronicles
Meet the LLLamas (Kindle edition) (Softcover edition)
The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul (Kindle and softcover)
New World of Cats: Max-the-Cat & Friends (softcover)

The Small Friends’ Chronicles

Whimsical Wildlife Books, The Small Friends' Chronicles
The Small Friends’ Chronicles

The creatures, who are delighted to be called “small friends” even though some are quite large, began arriving in my studio in 2006. After sitting for portraits and telling their stories, they demanded to be in a book. With dozens of creatures making a continuous ruckus, The Small Friends’ Chronicles, a 70-page compendium of their portraits and stories made it to press in 2010. Among this group of small friends, you will find Robert the Tap Dancing Rooster, MaryAnna Musk Ox, the Competitive Frog Teams, Stained Glass Animals (Hippo, Elephant), the paper mosaic Genus Papyrus (cat, hippo, pig, horse), three dragons, and more. Buy it here in softcover, ebook or jpg.

That is the Grand Green Dragon on the cover. He is an international star, having spent hundreds of years carefully exploring and documenting the mountain ranges around Mount Everest, and demonstrating his FireBreathing™ skills during fierce blizzards. He watches out for humans on his mountains, and takes care to avoid causing avalanches when they are around.


Meet the LLLamas

Whimsical Wildlife Books, Candy Wafer LLLama
Candy Wafer LLLama




Whimsical Wildlife Books, Meet the LLLamas
Meet the LLLamas

When my friends needed a logo for  a business called Technolama, I proposed a llama’s head sticking out of a laptop. They agreed. I made 14 drawings; they picked one. I then painted out 24; they picked one. I had leftover llamas in my studio for three years.


After The Small Friends’ Chronicles was published, the llamas demanded their book. “And,” they said, “our name is spelled LLLama.”  A few months later, Meet the LLLamas appeared. It is available as a softcover (click here) and as a Kindle ebook (click here.)


Whimsical Wildlife Books, Rainbow LLLama
Rainbow LLLama’s Portrait is available as a print is at ETSY.

Rainbow LLLama is the spokesLLLama for the group, which includes Candy Wafer LLLama, who was the spokesLLLama for a group of multinational candy companies until she was replaced by a giggling animated candy bar. Fret not. She now works tirelessly for an international non-denominational non-profit that cares for Retired Easter Bunnies, and she blogs for “Safety First: Keep Peeps Out of Microwaves.”

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New World of Cats: Max-the-Cat & Friends

Max-the-Cat is my model, muse, and Snacks Manager. He welcomes all of the whimsical creatures who visit my studio to sit for portraits and tell stories. He knows their favorite snacks and provides them in a Zero-Budget mode. Without his skill, the Snacks Budget would be the size of a medium-sized American city. Among Max’s friends are Samuel Sitting Cat, Hyperspace Mischief Cats, Cats from the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul, and the international performers, 3 Cats & 11 Flamingos. Available at Amazon in softcover.

Whimsical Wildlife Books: New World of Cats: Max-the-Cat and Friends
New World of Cats: Max-the-Cat and Friends

The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul

The first rooster appeared in my studio in 2007. Robert the Tap Dancing Rooster was the first creature to tell me a story. I dutifully wrote it down and published it as his story, but one mystery remained. I always wondered why the Hens in the Henhouse were so easily persuaded to give Robert the boot when he stopped crowing at dawn. Years later I met other Saint Paul Roosters who told me that Roosters aren’t necessary for regular egg production. Robert’s only job was to crow at dawn. If he didn’t want to do it, the Hens didn’t need him.

The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul is a compilation of portraits and stories with energy generated by a 30-paintings-in-30-days challenge in January 2015.  This 40-page collection of Saint Paul’s Elite Roosters is available at in softcover and as an ebook.

Whimsical Wildlife Books, Robert The Tap Dancing Rooster
Robert the Tap Dancing Rooster print at ETSY
Whimsical Wildlife Books, The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul
The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul