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Image-a-day on pinterest: wallpapers for my Virtual Victorian

4-foot aluminum cat
4 foot cat

Now that I have committed again to making an image-a-day, I have to drag myself back to work on large nanoscapes and small friends, including the four-foot cat painted on primed aluminum which is nearly finished.

Indigo Panel
Indigo Wallpaper small panel:  you
can begin to see some of the

My daily delight and obsession is making a tiny painting which becomes the “image-a-day.” Now that these are stacking up (there are 84 pins on the Image-a-Day board on Pinterest), I have begun to imagine good uses for them. One project is the Virtual Victorian House which has plenty of space for these images as they are imagined into tile and rug designs. Every Victorian needs wallpaper, and now I have wallpaper designs, too.

The Indigo Wallpaper is a tip of my hat to fabrics imported to England from China. The French Lines design is a Fleur-de-lis gone wild.

French Line Wallpaper
French Lines Wallpaper

A Virtual Victorian has many advantages: its windows need not be replaced; its roof does not leak; and its plumbing is always modern. Sadly, it has no ghosts other than the ones that come from my imagination.