From 31 Pumpkins of October

Gloves Gloves and More Gloves

What inspires me?  Even before 17 inches of snow fell on my balcony last weekend, I knew that my next Post Card Project would be The 31 Lost Left Gloves of January. This won’t surprise my FB friends on whom I have inflicted the 31 Pumpkins of October, the 30 Leaves of November, the 8 Hanukah Candles, and the 23 Snowflakes for the Rest of December.

Many people have theories about lost gloves, socks (wait for it — they are coming in February), pen tops, and paper clips, and there is a dissertation on the space-time continuum in there somewhere. My issue with gloves is less about my losing them and more about Phil-the-Cat who controls them under the Well-Established Cat Principle, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.”
Phil at rest (not often)
First 12 gloves
Here is a first look at the gloves, which I created with a Photoshop horizontal flip of a free clip art glove.  I will have traced and painted 31 very small left hand gloves, some of which may be inspirations for knitters.
Note from 2014:  These gloves art part of the 2010 Image-a-day project.