From Powderhorn

Gridwalls & a window into my past

Thanks to my pals at Vine Arts Center for pointing me to Accent Fixtures, one of my favorite stores in Minneapolis, and saving me a road trip to Hudson  WI and ton of money.

I need a gridwall

One of the great joys of The Art Business, is finding new (to me) tools, techniques, and ways to display and sell my work.  The combination of seeing a gridwall-well-used at Powderhorn Art Fair and having one at the Walker Cat Video Festival persuaded me that I needed at least one gridwall for art shows.

Success! In one quick trip to Accent Fixtures, I got 2 gridwalls, 2 sets of gridwall feet, and lots of gizmos with which to hang stuff on them. Each gridwall was $20, and they fit nicely into The Art Car.

Gridwall at Cat Vid Fest
Gridwall at Cat Vid Fest










Look through the grid and see some of my past

Look through the grid and see a set of vintage car ads that hung on my office walls from the long-ago days when I worked in the car business.


Gridwall Under the Stairs

Powderhorn Weekend

An artist on every block

And a festival on every weekend

With Minnesota statues requiring at least one artist on every block and at least one art festival on every weekend, this weekend (August 8-9) is The Annual Three-in-two-days Art Festival Weekend. I will be with my friends at Powderhorn with the Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market.white 350 3 inches

Powderhorn Park is beautiful, uncrowded (even when filled with artists). 34th & 15th Ave, Minneapolis. Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-5.

Yes — free transportation takes you everywhere. Follow this link.

The Other Festivals are: Loring Park (Saturday – Sunday) and Uptown Art Fair (Friday – Sunday).



New Art: Cards and Tiny, Original Paintings

I have lots of new cat images because I’ll be at the 4th Walker Cat Video Festival on August 12 at the new Saints’ stadium.  New cats! New birds! New abstracts ranging from calming to crazy!  Cards are $4 each and tiny original paintings that fit into 5×7 frames are $15 each. I know that everyone doesn’t have space for 4-foot paintings. But everyone (and this means you!) has space for 5×7 inches.

For more information about the images below, click on the picture.