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Minnesota: Art Bonanza State

So many art events. So little time.

Minnesota, art bonanza state, is well-populated with artists, art activities, and art events. I met a woman last week who said “You can’t swing a cat in Minnesota without hitting an artist.” Not that I would recommend cat-swinging.

Minnesota Art Bonanza State: It must be a law.

I’m convinced that there is a section in Minnesota statutes or regulations that requires:

  • An artist on every block.
  • Ten art events on every week day.
  • 30-50 art events on every non-holiday weekend.

I’ve given up counting the number of art invites that I get. I’ve lost track (often to my detriment) of the art events to which I could apply. I’m overwhelmed by the opportunities to participate in arts organizations. What to do? Keep making art.

My work. Opening today. Just today.

Here is one example of the Crazy Minnesota Art Bonanza State calendar: I have work in two shows that open today. The NEEMA Fall Fine Arts Show and the Dow Gallery Celebration of Life on the Green Line. Time being what it is (limited for me), I might not get to the NEEMA show today. I will be at the Dow Gallery with Ginger Chili Krispee Treets.

Both shows celebrate their respective “neighborhoods.” NEEMA, an award-winning arts organization, is a lynchpin of Minneapolis’ Northeast Arts Community. The Dow Gallery anchors the west end of the Green Line in Saint Paul.

Tell your GPS to find art!



Friendship 7 Complicated Sometimes Messy Beautiful if you are lucky. Minnesota Art Bonanza State
Friendship 7 Complicated Sometimes Messy Beautiful if you are lucky


Neighborhood 42. Minnesota Art Bonanza State
Neighborhood 42: every piece looks better because of the pieces that surround it

Friendship 7 painting accepted for NEEMA Show

Friendship 7: Complicated. Sometimes messy. Beautiful if you’re lucky.

Friendship 7 got lucky. It is a winner in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEEMA) Fall Fine Arts Show lottery. Gotta love a lottery.

NEEMA Fall Fine Arts Show
NEEMA Fall Fine Arts Show

My entry, Friendship 7: Complicated. Sometimes Messy. Beautiful if you’re lucky, is part of a series of paintings that put a new (and I hope abstractly realistic and delightful) face onto friendship. These paintings are squarely inside the nanoscapes tradition: tiny designs in tiny spaces. I make a pencil drawing, carefully work out the “over and unders” and then paint, using triple-zero brushes and a steady hand. I’ve made small (4×6″) and large (12×16″) friendship paintings. Some are round, some fill the canvas, and some are in random shapes.

Friendship 7 Complicated Sometimes Messy Beautiful if you are lucky
Friendship 7 Complicated Sometimes Messy Beautiful if you are lucky

Celebrate at Solar Arts

Join the celebration at the Solar Arts Building, 3rd Floor, 711 15th Avenue NE, Minneapolis 55413. Opening Reception September 16, 6-10 p.m. See some terrific art, and eat, drink and be merry. Catering by Chowgirls Killer Catering. Craft beer from Indeed Brewing and cocktails from Tattersall Distilling. The show runs from September 16-25, and is open to the public Thursday – Sunday.


More Friendship Paintings

Contact me directly to determine availability or to commission one for your very own.