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Minnesota: Art Bonanza State

So many art events. So little time.

Minnesota, art bonanza state, is well-populated with artists, art activities, and art events. I met a woman last week who said “You can’t swing a cat in Minnesota without hitting an artist.” Not that I would recommend cat-swinging.

Minnesota Art Bonanza State: It must be a law.

I’m convinced that there is a section in Minnesota statutes or regulations that requires:

  • An artist on every block.
  • Ten art events on every week day.
  • 30-50 art events on every non-holiday weekend.

I’ve given up counting the number of art invites that I get. I’ve lost track (often to my detriment) of the art events to which I could apply. I’m overwhelmed by the opportunities to participate in arts organizations. What to do? Keep making art.

My work. Opening today. Just today.

Here is one example of the Crazy Minnesota Art Bonanza State calendar: I have work in two shows that open today. The NEEMA Fall Fine Arts Show and the Dow Gallery Celebration of Life on the Green Line. Time being what it is (limited for me), I might not get to the NEEMA show today. I will be at the Dow Gallery with Ginger Chili Krispee Treets.

Both shows celebrate their respective “neighborhoods.” NEEMA, an award-winning arts organization, is a lynchpin of Minneapolis’ Northeast Arts Community. The Dow Gallery anchors the west end of the Green Line in Saint Paul.

Tell your GPS to find art!



Friendship 7 Complicated Sometimes Messy Beautiful if you are lucky. Minnesota Art Bonanza State
Friendship 7 Complicated Sometimes Messy Beautiful if you are lucky


Neighborhood 42. Minnesota Art Bonanza State
Neighborhood 42: every piece looks better because of the pieces that surround it

Big Neighborhoods Community Coloring Page

Community Coloring Page

Big Neighborhoods 2 is all about getting people, things and ideas to work together. Handing colleagues and roommates pens and markers to work together on a Community Coloring Page will support teamwork and create laughter. Thanks go to the very nice man who saw it during  Saint Paul Art Crawl and plans to buy one for his company’s break room.

What a great idea.

Hang your Community Coloring Page

Create community in:

  1. An office
  2. A dorm
  3. A sorority or fraternity house
  4. A retirement home
  5. A community center
  6. A waiting room
  7. A recreation center
  8. Your choice

The Big Neighborhoods 22×33 Coloring Page will be available at the Vine Arts Center Holiday Sale, December 3-4, 2016.   $48 plus tax.

Big Neighborhoods 2 Coloring Page by mail

Each is packed in a sturdy mailing tube. $48 plus $16 shipping plus tax. Click here.

Big Neighborhoods 2 at the Saint Paul Art Crawl

Big Neighborhoods 2 is an abstract painting of squares and rectangles that celebrates connection between and among neighborhoods, people, and things. It has become its own Art Family, and eight versions will be at the Dow Gallery & Frame Shop at the 2016 Saint Paul Art Crawl.

  • The original painting (22×33, framed);
  • Two sizes of prints of the original painting;
  • Greeting cards with the Big Neighborhoods image;
  • The original drawing in three sizes of coloring pages, including a full-sized page on very special paper (17 mil DigiScape Smooth 350 by FiberMark);
  • Two sizes of digital prints of Black Light and Shadows, the invert of the original drawing,
  • Greeting cards with the Black Light and Shadows image.

Big Neighborhoods 2: an art trip

As soon as I began to draw Big Neighborhoods 2, I knew that I wanted to create a full-sized coloring page. It took only a minute to remember the great folks at Apropos Studio (printers and artists extraordinaire: an amazing resource) who helped me create the page. But the actual painting sat on my easel for nearly half a year. It is a watercolor painting, so I didn’t have the excuse that artists-working-in-oils have. Their works can take years to dry.

Was it finished? Was it complete? It certainly took up a lot of visual space in my living room studio. Now that it has all of its Art Family, it is, indeed, complete.

Big Neighborhoods 2
Big Neighborhoods 2: 22×33 Original Framed $800; prints matted to 11×14 and 16×20.


Big Neighborhoods Coloring Page
Big Neighborhoods Coloring Page (3 sizes: 22×33; 11×14, 8×10)
Black Light & Shadows
Black Light & Shadows  Prints 11×14 and cards. (And, because I love it so much, I made a show curtain out of this print. Available at

Other work at the Dow for the Art Crawl

I will be celebrating abstract shapes and connections with other work including Rings and Links, Conversations Connections, Friendship Bands, and more.


Weekend plan: Do the Dow & Pop into Peggy’s Holiday Boutique


Two wonderful art events this weekend: Do the Dow (at the Dow Building at 2242 University Avenue W.) and Peggy’s Holiday Boutique, a 30+year tradition at the Roseville Oval. Each show has one of my favorite paintings.

Do the Dow

Artists with studios at the Dow Building and who are part of Khanh Tran’s Dow Gallery will be opening their doors and celebrating their art. Count on great food and music and lots of fun. Friday 6-10; Saturday 12-6.

3 Cats and 11 Flamingos Acapella
3 Cats and 11 Flamingos Acapella (original $125; prints $30)


Peggy’s Holiday Boutique

A 30+ year tradition with more than 100 artists’ work, the Roseville Oval hosts Peggy’s Holiday Boutique. It is a vortex of creative energy, and the artists’ work includes jewelry, painting, ceramics,glass, fudge (yes! fudge), wood work, leather, candles, and so much more. You will find some locally and nationally recognized artists. Friday: 10-8:30; Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-4.


5 cave parrots
Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul: 5 Cave Parrots (original $250)

St. Paul Art Crawl: Help the Zebras Find Their Stripes


Help the Zebras Find Their Stripes

Come to the Dow Gallery (2242 University Avenue W) on Sunday, October 11 from 1-2 for a Saint Paul Art Crawl Make-and-Take workshop. Two of my old friends, Wall Street Zebra (below) and Xavier Camo Zebra (far below), invite you to Help the Zebras Find stripes or dots or anything else that you think might be fun for a Zebra. Camo Zebra? Incognito Zebra? Wherever your imagination takes you (and your zebra!)

50 wall street zebra

Help the Zebras Find Their Stripes

51 zavier camo zebra

Art Crawls: Dow Gallery-St. Paul & Savage-Scott Co.

Two in 1 weekend: I need a scheduler

Somewhere in the Minnesota Constitution it says that an artist must live on every block and that there must be at least on art event on every weekend. I am my building’s artist, and this weekend I will be in two art events: The Saint Paul Art Crawl at the Dow Gallery (I will be there Friday night and all day Sunday, and will teach “Help the Zebras Find Their Spots” on Sunday from 1-2); and the Scott County Art Crawl (10-4 on Saturday).

The Saint Paul Art Crawl At the Dow Gallery

The Dow Art Gallery (2242 University Avenue West) is in the iconic Dow Building, home to a large community of artists working across disciplines. The Gallery is a beautifully lit space on the Green Line and artists line up for space there because of the light and location.  Be prepared to have your jaw drop at the talent.

A true nanoscape

Having selfishly hung The Tall Silos of Iowa in my house for years, I finally realized that I don’t need to keep all of my favorite paintings forever. It was the first of my paintings ever to be juried into a show, and it is a true nanoscape: tiny spaces, tiny brushes, tiny designs.  Inspired by my first trip to Iowa, I decided that the silos needed some sprucing up. It is beautifully framed (9×22) in a bright orange metallic frame with a domed triple mat. $220 plus tax from Dow Gallery.


Tall Silo of Iowa
Tall Silo of Iowa


Top of the Silo
Top of the Silo
























Help the Zebras Find Their Stripes at the Dow on Sunday

For children of all ages: 1-2 pm at the Dow.


Help the zebra find her stripes




















Scott County Art Crawl: Savage MN Saturday October 10

I will be at the Savage City Hall Community Room, 6000 McColl Drive. Come to meet the Clowder of Cats! Here are two of them.

At the Dow Art Gallery for the Art Crawl (and beyond)

 Some Artists at the Dow Art Gallery

I stand by my personal label as Whimsical Wildlife Documentarian.

I will deny forever that I am a good photographer. Clearly there is more to learn about photography and Photoshop. How, for example, should light reflections be eliminated without deeply hurting the underlying image. How does an amateur photographer contort herself to get a square or rectangular photo without acquiring permanent back injuries. Make a list for next week.

Come to the Dow Art Gallery to see these works (and many more).

I apologize in advance to the artists whose work I’ve Instagrammed and reproduced here.

Karen Searle Knitted Wire Flowers
Karen Searle Crochet Wire Flowers


Peggy Wright Watching
Peggy Wright Watching








Terry Palm Serving Breakfast
Terry Palm Serving Breakfast


Robert Delutri SubArtParticle Physics
Robert Delutri SubArtParticle Physics
Marjorie Moody Sunflowers
Marjorie Moody Sunflowers
Kelly Doyle Owlets Not Ewoks
Kelly Doyle Owlets Not Ewoks







Don Dickinson Sunny and Cold
Don Dickinson Sunny and Cold


Debra Ripp Orbits
Debra Ripp Orbits








Colette Sakschek Hen On Red
Colette Sakschek Hen On Red
Ann Meaning I'm Screaming
Ann Meaning I’m Screaming
Susan Gainen Sam the Snowy Owl Who Went to Mardi Gras
Susan Gainen Sam the Snowy Owl Who Went to Mardi Gras and Never Came Back



Today is the last day of the Art Crawl. The Gallery is open from 12 to 5 p.m.

3 Cats & 11 Flamingos at the Art Crawl


The 3 Cats & 11 Flamingos Acapella Group are starring on my wall at the Dow Art Gallery during the Saint Paul Art Crawl. Click here to download a pass for FREE Green Line transportation for Saturday and Sunday. (Note: you have to take a two-question survey first.)

The group lives and practices in Saint Paul, in a home with a very-well sound insulated practice room. The group has stopped out from their first World Tour to appear at the Dow Art Gallery.

The Dow Art Gallery and the Art Crawl

40 artists share the beautiful light-filled space at the Dow Art Gallery, 2242 University Avenue West, Saint Paul. Start your Art Crawl journey in the Dow, then hop onto the Green Line for a complete Saint Paul Art Journey.


3 Cats and 11 Flamingos Acapella
3 Cats and 11 Flamingos Acapella

Abstract Connections work-in-progress

Connections April 19
Connections #7 Work-in-progress April 19


Artists waste no time. While putting in my Vine Arts Center gallery hours yesterday, I took out my General Pencil (6H) and made the pencil drawing. BONUS: see how General Pencils are made.

Late last night, while binging on Death in Paradise (thank you Netflix), I pulled out my double zero brush and began to fill in the boxes.

See this piece (finished or not)

Connections #7 is part of a series of paintings which began as a doodle during conference calls where a group of us strategized about how our dear friend and wonderful judge might be connected to the decision-maker who might appoint her to a difference judgeship. Her constituents are lucky to have her. I am lucky to have made an image that shows everyone and everything is connected.


Connections #7 will be with me during the Saint Paul Art Crawl at the Dow Gallery at 2242 University Avenue West, Let me know if you are interested in having a work like this made specially for you (in your colors, in the size of your choice).

St. Paul Art Crawl — up next!


Multi-task: Explore Saint Paul’s Art Community, Visit the Dow Gallery, & Ride the Green Line for Free

Saint Paul Art Crawl
Saint Paul Art Crawl


Dow Art Gallery: a bright-light & art-filled gallery at 2242 University Avenue West

Up up and away!  Come to the Gallery at the Dow Building for the St. Paul Art Crawl. See the work of 40 Gallery Artists, and then, as a bonus, visit the artists in the Dow Building itself.  One stop for lots of great art!

Where is the Gallery?

It faces directly on University Avenue, and gives you access to the rest of the Dow Building

What will I bring?

Originals, prints and cards of Roosters, LLLamas, Cats, Flying Penguins, Pigs, Frogs & Pandas, a never-before seen Giant Panda Portrait, Cave Paintings, Friendship (all sizes), and Flying Crystals. I will also have signed copies of The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul and Meet the LLLamas.  And one of the snacks that draws both creatures and humans to my studio, Judith Olney’s Joy of Chocolate Pound Cake

Events (so far) in the Gallery

Free Performance Showing by SoulPlay/CathyAnn Beaty
Show time on Saturday @ 11am and 2pm

Free Green Line Bus passes!

Live Rooster showing by Collette Sakschek

Live Music, Food, and Beverages!

Fundraising for Cancer Kids. Selling Pints of the famous “Tiger Jack” created by Barb Pinc. Proceeds go to the Cancer Kids foundation.




Free rides on the Green Line

Download at The Green Line comes right to the front door of the Dow Gallery.

Free Rides to the Art Crawl
Free Rides to the Art Crawl