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Mobius+Ruppert best tiny sharpener

Mobius+Ruppert tiny sharpener for my pencils

Mobius+Ruppert Wedge Sharpener: Best tiny sharpener
Mobius+Ruppert Wedge Sharpener: Best tiny sharpener

I spend a fair amount of art time clutching a pencil. When making small shapes and fine lines, a  hard pencil (General Pencil 6-H is my favorite) is crucial. Equally as important as the pencil is the point. The very sharp point. Until I found Mobius+Ruppert‘s tiny sharpener, pencil sharpeners were a necessary-but-not-joy-making tool. I used portable sharpeners, and they ranged from deeply inadequate to modestly annoying when points broke and stayed behind, stuck in the blades.

I love these little brass sharpeners. They are heavy for their size and fit nicely into the small bags that hold pencils, an eraser, and a 6-inch ruler. The tiny sharpeners are easy to clean, and, so far, I’ve not had any annoying pencil-point-breakage.

Professional Pencil Sharpener

Until I saw David Rees’ videos, I had no idea that “Professional Pencil Sharpener” was a gig. He has retired from it, so if you want sharp pencils, you’ll have to sharpen them yourself. With the right tools, sharpening is an unalloyed pleasure.

CW Pencil Enterprise

El Casco BlackChrome Sharpener
El Casco BlackChrome Sharpener

There are some amazing gizmos in the pencil sharpening market, and you would be wise to start your search with Caroline Weaver’s CW Pencil Enterprise. She stocks all kinds of sharpeners, from ridiculously inexpensive (two Mobius+Rupperts) to two versions of the El Casco Desktop Sharpener ($516.00). Yes, I aspire to having one.

In addition to an astonishing array of sharpeners and pencils (#2 and other hardnesses, vintages pencils, colored pencils, specialty pencils, jumbo pencils and pencil sets), you will find erasers, accessories, pencil cases, pencil displays/holders, notebooks, books, and ephemera.

Henry Petroski's The Pencil
Henry Petroski’s The Pencil

Not surprisingly, you will find David Rees’s book How to Sharpen Pencils: A Practical and Theoretical Treatise on the Artisanal Craft of Pencil Sharpening.

How to Sharpen Pencils: David Rees
How to Sharpen Pencils: David Rees

She also stocks my long-time personal favorite pencil book,the classic The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance by Henry Petroski. (If you don’t know Petroski’s work, you are missing a unique opportunity to connect yourself to the engineering of our lives — in the nicest way, of course.)