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Please Protect Pangolins


Peter Pangolin
Peter Pangolin

I read a piece in National Geographic in 2011 that introduced me to The Plight of Pangolins who are wildly sought after as bush meat and because they are rumored to have medicinal properties. I wrote a blog post, painted Peter Pangolin’s portrait, dedicating it to Pangolin Preservation, and included his story in The Small Friends’ Chronicles.

Peter Pangolin Today

Unlike Pangolins in the wild, Peter is living a good life in France as a truffle hunter. As recounted in The Small Friends’ Chronicles, Peter is allergic to ants and termites (typical Pangolin food), so he was too sickly to be attractive to bush meat hunters. Luckily he was scooped up by a Veterinarian-Without-Borders and sent in a diplomatic package to her parents who are 6th generation French truffle hunters. The parents fattened him up (on chocolate truffles), and everyone was delighted to find that Peter is a natural truffle hunter. He makes a tidy living, and once a month he goes to Paris to visit his friend The French LLLama (from Meet the LLLamas). They walk on the Champs-Elysées, drink Café au lait, and visit La Boutique Jaune de Sacha Finkelsztajn for the best apple cake in the world.  (Peter Pangolin Print:$30 plus shipping at ETSY)

Pangolins in the world today

Sadly, things are much much worse today. The New York Times recently published a long and sad piece about their current situation.

Bonnie Somdalh Needlefelted Pangolin
Bonnie Somdalh Needlefelted Pangolin

A needlefelted pangolin

One very lucky person can celebrate Pangolins with Bonnie Somdahl’s needlefelted Pangolin, from the Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market. Call 1-612-965-8581 for availability.