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Peter Pangolin celebrates pangolin trafficking ban

Good news for Pangolins

Peter Pangolin (pictured below) passed on a report from good news (a ban on pangolin trafficking) and bad news: Pangolins are still the most trafficked mammals in the world.

Peter Pangolin
Peter Pangolin

Peter Pangolin – world’s luckiest Pangolin

Pangolins eat ants and termites, and Peter was allergic to them, so as a sickly little pangolin, traffickers ignored him. It was Peter’s luckiest day when he was scooped up by a Veterinarian Without Borders who put him into a tiny diplomatic pouch and sent him to her family in France. Her parents took great care to find food that he liked. He fattened up, calmed down, and stopped curling into the tiny “I’m scared” ball which is characteristic of frightened pangolins.

Peter Pangolin welcomed by a family of truffle hunters

Peter’s luck apparently knows no bounds. He had been welcomed into a family of truffle-hunters who had been living and working in France for generations. It turned out that Peter was the best of all truffle-hunting mammals: he can find them, but he doesn’t like to eat them.

Peter eat up some profits

French LLLama
French LLLama

Because Peter is really skilled at truffle-finding, Peter and his new family make lots of money. After carefully saving 25% of his earnings, he travels to Paris one weekend each month to visit with his close friend, the French LLLama. They stroll on the Champs-élysées, drink café au lait, and continue their search for Paris’ best apple cake.

Peter Pangolin and French LLLama in the world

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