From Piet Rooster

Piet Rooster – Mondrian Super Fan


Piet Rooster arrived in my studio this morning, and urged me to power through to finish the painting. When a 6-foot-tall Rooster makes a request, the correct answer is “you bet.”

Piet Rooster was fun to paint. His bright color blocks recall the Mondrian-inspired color blocking from the 1960s. I was never in a position to snap up Courreges and Mary Quant color-blocked garments, but Piet always admired them. He is a Piet Mondrian Super-Fan, but goes steps beyond his idol’s famously limited palette.

Making the painting

I smiled from start to finish. He began as a pencil drawing, and then I opened my paint palettes and found lots of my favorite colors. Using a Number 2 brush, I filled in the blocks. My trusty Double-Zero brush was just right for painting the lines.

Piet will be available on prints and cards after July 1. Inquire about purchasing the original.

Piet Rooster, Mondrian Super Fan
Piet Rooster, Mondrian Super Fan