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Peace Owl Progress and an explanation

Peace Owl Progress

Part of the reason to document the Peace Owl day-by-day is to demystify my creative process. It really is one bit at a time. One piece at a time. Every piece looks better because of the pieces that surround it. That’s the rule.


November 26
Peace Owl Progress: November 26


Peace Owl Progress November 27
Peace Owl Progress November 27

Peace Owl Pushback

Grateful, I am for kudos and for criticism that Peace Owl has generated.

Recently, one of his fans noted that he was “becoming decorative.” I think that she was saying that the background, comprised of Peace Owl’s best friend Mr. Magpie’s ribbon collection, is distracting. A fair point.

Why is this important?

Birders know that owls are very difficult to locate in the wild, because they are notoriously expert at blending into their backgrounds. Peace Owl is no different. His work requires travel — lots of travel — and participation in lengthy (sometimes tedious) meetings. Having a safe and comfortable nest is critical to his effective participation in the furtherance of World Peace. He is fortunate that Mr. Magpie continues to create safe spaces for him around the world.