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Big Neighborhoods 2 at the Saint Paul Art Crawl

Big Neighborhoods 2 is an abstract painting of squares and rectangles that celebrates connection between and among neighborhoods, people, and things. It has become its own Art Family, and eight versions will be at the Dow Gallery & Frame Shop at the 2016 Saint Paul Art Crawl.

  • The original painting (22×33, framed);
  • Two sizes of prints of the original painting;
  • Greeting cards with the Big Neighborhoods image;
  • The original drawing in three sizes of coloring pages, including a full-sized page on very special paper (17 mil DigiScape Smooth 350 by FiberMark);
  • Two sizes of digital prints of Black Light and Shadows, the invert of the original drawing,
  • Greeting cards with the Black Light and Shadows image.

Big Neighborhoods 2: an art trip

As soon as I began to draw Big Neighborhoods 2, I knew that I wanted to create a full-sized coloring page. It took only a minute to remember the great folks at Apropos Studio (printers and artists extraordinaire: an amazing resource) who helped me create the page. But the actual painting sat on my easel for nearly half a year. It is a watercolor painting, so I didn’t have the excuse that artists-working-in-oils have. Their works can take years to dry.

Was it finished? Was it complete? It certainly took up a lot of visual space in my living room studio. Now that it has all of its Art Family, it is, indeed, complete.

Big Neighborhoods 2
Big Neighborhoods 2: 22×33 Original Framed $800; prints matted to 11×14 and 16×20.


Big Neighborhoods Coloring Page
Big Neighborhoods Coloring Page (3 sizes: 22×33; 11×14, 8×10)
Black Light & Shadows
Black Light & Shadows  Prints 11×14 and cards. (And, because I love it so much, I made a show curtain out of this print. Available at

Other work at the Dow for the Art Crawl

I will be celebrating abstract shapes and connections with other work including Rings and Links, Conversations Connections, Friendship Bands, and more.


Black Lights-Shadows from Big Neighborhoods

Black Lights-Shadows – invert!

Black Light-Shadows is an image that is the next iteration of the nanoscape Big Neighborhoods 2.  BN2 was a joy to create, to paint, and to make into a Giant Coloring Page. Through the magic of Photoshop invert, the design has a new and different life with many possibilities that I’ve yet to explore.

It still reflects and incorporates neighborhoods and connections, and Black Lights-Shadows clearly celebrates my love of mosaics. Had I not given up activities requiring safety equipment and liability waivers for my 50th birthday, I would be in a glass studio cutting out pieces to recreate this design in glass or ceramic tile. An ambitious artist or crafter could take on that challenge using the 22×33 Big Neighborhoods Blank Coloring Page as a template.

Black Light-Shadows
Black Lights-Shadows


Big Neighborhoods 2 Coloring Page
Big Neighborhoods 2 Coloring Page

Black Lights-Shadows made in Photoshop

One of my favorite settings in Photoshop is “invert,” which turns white into black, black into white, and flips colors to their opposite on the color wheel. Without a color, Big Neighborhoods 2 became Black Lights-Shadows with one click and a bit of creative adjustment.

I used Black Lights-Shadows at to create  a shower curtain, an accent pillow, poster, and a postcard. This design will find a home on textiles and other materials, too. Watch this space.